Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Q & A

Q: "What do you think of God?"

Another Q & A.

A: "I think it's subjective. That's why I make a concept: the audience as the (T)hird character. Their response somehow reflects their own opinion on God."

Q: "No I mean what do you think about god?"

This is the thing with making a personal movie. The question is always personal.

I Q him back: "What do you think about god?"

Q & Q.

No more A's.

God is in the air. God is in the sea. God is everything.

He thinks God is in everything.

I need one more A: "What do you think about God?"

"Oh I'm an atheist, " she said.

"That's ok. what do you think about god?"

"I think God is nothing."

"Well I think God is nothing and everything."

The audience stare at me, clueless.

"Do you understand me?"

They laugh.

"Me neither."


It takes some people a moment of serenity to understand. After years of hectic movie making and some short moment when I think I understood, I came to a point where I understand nothing at all.

But I have to act like I do cause I need to give more A's.

Here I am talking in front of people explaining who God is like I know something.

Q: "We are used to be a tolerant society. Why do you think we end up like this?"

A: "I'll pretend that I know the answer."

Finally an honest A.

They laughed. I didn't.

"What I know is only from the news. and it's hard to know which news to trust nowadays. I'd rather see good and bad as something that always come together. Never better, never worse. Just make the best we knew how to."

My A didn't A anything.

Continued by the usual ants Q, the apple Q, the black and white, the bla bla bla Q.

And I keep A and A and A...

Talking talking talking and talking like I know something.

The more A , the more I realize I know nothing.

What am I doing here talking? What do I know?

"You were very witty and smart," she said.

Stay with me more and you'll figure out I am not.

A & A

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