Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Geek In A Pink

I wanna be like Jason Mraz. What should I do?

Nggak makan daging. Checked.
Learn to play guitar. Checked.
Live your dream. Checked.
Keliling dunia in search of your soul. Checked.
Listen to cool music in your Ipod. Checked.
Have an amazing sex every night. Chc.......

Is that why I still look like a geek in a pink? Jason looks like the coolest guy on earth even when he sang that.

Me? Hfff...

Ok. Let’s put the sex thing on hold. Lets concentrate on the singing first.

Born and bred as a Batak, I was supposed to have a voice as divine as his.

I am not saying I am a bad singer, although Dini and Danti cannot appreciate my unique quality. Shame on them.

With the four right chords, I will sound fine. Good enough to have an album at least one before I die.

Please deh. Sm*sh aja punya.

Album rohani seems like an easy option.

But I can’t stand singing in front of a crowd merem melek memuja-Mu. I believe we can meet You without jumping like monkeys on drugs.

So should I make an album or should I just sing quietly for You every morning, trying hard not to think how good I sound.

Damn it. Untung suara gue pas-pasan. Kebayang kalau suara gue kaya bruno mars, maybe I will be out there praising myself.

No more praising You.

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