Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Plot Point

People never really change, don't they?

Harus ada alasan kuat yang baru mengusik kita dari kenyamanan status quo. Setelah plot point babak 7 menuju babak 8, sebenarnya kita kembali ke karakter babak 1.

Sherlock always sees the world as a riddle to observe.
Geng American Hustle always see the world as an adventure to con.
Spike Jonze always sees a search for genuine love even in an artificial environment.

I always see my world as a happy ending movie. I wrote my ending before my character.

Is that why I don't feel? I don't observe? I don't appreciate the character? I interpret the wotld based on my ending.

Always the big picture, otherwise I would get lost.

I am lost anyway.

Time to get more close up. Just open your eyes. Your ears. Your heart.

Life is a movie. Just let go. Maybe the other ending is more interesting.

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