Minggu, 28 November 2010

sincerely wrong

"They can be sincere, but sincerely wrong," kata dia setelah gue ceritakan pertemuan gue dengan berbagai macam pasangan alternatif bahagia yang membuat gue mempertanyakan benarkah homoseksualitas dibenci Tuhan.

She wasn't hateful or homophobic. She just doesn't wanna be involved in a project that supports homosexuality.

I don't too. It's a very edgy subject. Many people who love me might leave me for that. She will be the first one.

Either change the subject, or change the producer.

Gue terduduk di kamar yang bukan kamar gue, memandangi langit Singapur yang biru tua bebas polusi.

"Is it ok to be gay?" tanya gue.

"I told you many times it is OK. You still don't believe me?"

"Can you tell other people it's OK too?"

"I am. Through you."

"Why me? I am not strong enough."

"It's OK if you don't want to. I will love you no matter what."

"I don't love you enough. All I think about is my feeling."

"I know. I love you no matter what."

Hari ini gue memutuskan untuk menunda Demi Ucok sampai gue yakin. If I wanna make a gay movie, it has to be straightly gay movie. No wishy washy about it.

In the meantime, I'll make Resign Club instead. I'll wash all the gay element out of it.


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