Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012


I read my own writing and felt like somebody else. Was I ever been that joyful? Was I ever that bitter? Was I ever  that brilliant? Have I ever been that selfish?

Was I ever that girl?

I used to sing like no one hears. Dance like no one watches. Love like never been hurt. Live like heaven is on earth.

Write like no one will read.

But I no longer dance, no longer sing. No longer write cause I know someone will read. And they will think of me as a dissappointment.

No longer love cause I know how much it hurts.

No longer live cause I know heaven is not on earth.

So I tried to cry cause I am not supposed to like this me.

But I cry no more cause I know I will be one day dance again.

Even with the bitterness and the tears... I will dance like no one watches.

I will  sing like no one listens.

And I will write like no one will be dissappointed in me.

So one of these days, when it rains, I will dance and dance and dance...

So I won't feel the tears falling on my face.

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