Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

A Movie He Wants To Make

"We love the script," they said.

This comes from a company who produced 60 something movies worldwide.

"When I first heard the premis, I told them to set up the meeting right away."

This comes from the Weinstein of Singapore.

"I tell you ya, your project is the only one with genuine investment interest in it."

This comes from the festival guy who matchmakes many filmmakers and moneymakers. Even without the awards, people can smell the fun and the fortune in our project.

And all not because of me or the freakin diorama. It's all because of the script.

"His writing is really visual... and fun."

But still he doesn't think he is good enough.

Even after his first feature length script get into the competition in Berlinale.

But he is good. Even after the shabu-shabu and the constant typhoid and the death of his mother.  Still he thinks he is not good enough.

If I had his talent, and his heart... I woulda been making the best movies in the world. I would want to live after 40.

"Badan gue tambah parah," katanya. Life after 40 seems a lot further, as he wish. He wants to die gorgeous. Not old and weak and wrinkly.

I would tell him to take care more of his body so he can still live longer and keep me company. Life is a lot more fun with his witty remarks, good heart, and warm shoulder. Even if it's weak and wrinkly, the shoulder will neverlose its warmth.

But I tell him  "More reasons to make the mother movie of yours NOW" instead.

He laughs. Quietly.

He is 31.


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