Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Psalm 51

I wanted to dance and sing for you
But I feel like I will only bring you shame

I wanted to feel joy and share your blessing
But I feel like someone else deserves more

I wanted to weep and crush my bone
But you smile and want tears no more

I want to give you a broken spirit
But I have no longer have it

Does it mean I am not that sorry for my sin?
Or is it you being super nice?

That whenever I fall,
you just cleanse me with my tears
And suddenly I am fine

Broken yet smiling

Knowing you
How come I ever ask for more?

I wanna dance and sing again
So people will know how great you are
And sinners will praise your name

If there was such a thing as sin.

Teach me how to love you more.

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