Senin, 28 Mei 2012

enough for everyone

Take it easy, my friend.

Let me tell you life's biggest secret: there is enough for everyone.

You will be so surprised

how can it be? With all the blink blink and the ferrari

But life tell you what

There is enough for everyone

If you know this, you don't need no manolo to walk on the water

Need no prada to keep on your master card

Cause there is enough for everyone

Just take what you got and start your journey

Open up your heart to the grace of others

And bless others with your grace

Then you wont mind to be crucified at 33

Cause you have enough of life to share

And all the amazing stories

With the father and mother of the earth

So today I decided to take nothing but my heart

Hopeflly I'll finish with less pimple and body fat

To be the best me I can ever be

So help me God

And Klinik Estetika

And Marie France Bodyline


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