Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

count on me

Okay now you have tried your ways

And look where it has gotten you. You were a dreamer and you no longer believe in your dreams.

You know from the beginning, I will provide for you. And I will bring you all the glory you need.

Which is none, but somhow it's enough.

And still you lean on everyone else but me. To  that giant company who will give you money. To that famous director and her socialite friends. To some rich guy and his jealous wife. To his knowledge on how to market a movie.

That will take you nowhere but to the place they had gone before.

The place where dream is for fools.

So are you dare to make a fool of yourself and follow my way?

Be still and know and I am God.

I don't want you cry no more.

You are made for the sun.

Be still.

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