Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

yesus dan yasmin ahmad

The problem with Jesus, Yasmin Ahmad, and all the coolest people on earth is they only start writing (or written) when they are great and adorable.

What happened to you when you were 27 ? Have you ever thought of killing yourself?

Have you had drugs?

Have you ever been in love?

Have you hated anyone?

Have you lied about your truest feeling?

Did you curse God?

Have you always been so cool?

Are you gay?

But they are just there, showing us the perfect path they chose. Died peacefully in the height of their true calling. No one knows what happened before.

All we have is the Davids, and the Jonahs, the Salomons, the Steve Jobs, and all the fucked ups that screwed up their life and still loved and blessed. Fuck Batsheba, weep emotionally, yet fuck 4000 something others afterwards.

yet blessed and loved.

not by your children, though.

am i not humble enough to know your way? after all this, how come i still have the pride not to go your way?

but you told me you want it my way. my way is your way. you and your beautiful blessing of free choice remind me more of how much a jerk i am.

yet blessed and loved.

yet blessed and loved.

I don't wanna love like david.

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