Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

emotionally constipated

Apakah kehidupanmu hancur?
Ada yang memulihkan kehidupan.

Too much book.

Too much movie.

Too much religion.

Too much voice.

Too much song.

Too much

Too much people telling me how I feel, somehow it is hard to know what I really feel. Even harder to explain it in words.

I need the silence where I can hear your voice. The voice that never tells me what to do.

The voice that never tells me how to love how to act and how to be anything.

The voice that brings a smile to my face and brighten the skin without mercury.

The voice that makes every perih di hati worth having.

So what do you have to tell me today other than I love you?

And you keep silent cause there is no words needed.

Just feel the rain on your skin.

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