Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

back home

i'm back.

broken yet stronger.
defeated yet grateful.

how do you sell a movie when you feel unworthy?

moviemaking is like selling your soul. when you have nothing to offer but guilt and a bit of last breath, how are u gonna stand up to people and tell them to come?

it's not about you, honey.


it's not about you. so stand up and cut the nonsense. you have a movie to finish.

but it is about me. who would ever want to see me?

it's not you. it's themselves they will see.

still i feel unworthy.

you are.

then why would they see the movie?

because it's not about you. it's about us. our fear. our love. our loss. our dream.

I still feel unworthy. I'm broken.

but you are still alive, with your hand and feet. now stand up and type.

what should i type?

anything but this unworthy shit.

promise me it won't be about me?

it's not about you.

i love you.

yeah yeah yeah.... now shut up and type. no drama for february. we have a lot of things to do.

i love you.

*sigh... i love you more.

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