Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Conversation With Dog

Sambil menunggu komputer ngextrak Adobe CS 5 bajakan, diiringi semilir tai anjing yang mencerna dog food impor, I have a conversation with Dog.

Yow Dog, what do you want from me?

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing, Dog. Just grow near me so I can grow near you.

Yow Dog. Firmanmu pelita bagi kakiku, I have no idea what you said. What is pelita anyway? Firmanmu sering kali sulit dicerna! Gak lagi kontekstual ama alay nan lebay.

Can't you speak in a more straight forward way?

P45tinj4... You are just too ignorant to understand me.

I want to understand you.

Takut akanku adalah permulaan pengetahuan dan mengenalku adalah pengertian.

See? Another puisi-puisi susah dimengerti. No wonder more people love Lady Gaga more than your words.

Hey... I'm also into pop music, you know? Who do you think responsible putting those 100 top songs of all time?

Even Ronan Keating?

Even Ronan Keating.

You're cool, Dog. You're cool. Me no cool. Gue semakin gak deket ama Lo akhir-akhir ini. Semakin gak tau lo maunya apa di hidup gue ini.

Rrrr... Tau sihhh... hanya takut.

See? Takut : Another sign lo mulai jauh dari gue.

Where was my confidence? I used to be so brave. When you were by my side, who can stop me? I can't believe after all your miracles in cin(T)a, I'm back here to a place where I don't believe you can get 10000 people who will finance me.

Heaven is my kingdom and the earth is my footstool. What can you do that I cannot do?

Is this really the phase? Apa memang gue harus jatuh dulu baru gue bisa pede dengan tanpa kesombongan mencemari?

I gotta fall apart and put it back together again?

Again and again?

Is there any shorcut? An easier way to go?

Remember Ronan Keating? I hope you never took the path of least resistance.

Ya... but it sucks.

Kau hancurkan hatiku... hancurkan lagi... hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu. Gimana cara ngelihatmu?

Ternyata hanya those with a pure heart yang bisa.

And me... selidiki hatiku. Ternyata memang ada udang di balik hati. I love your blessing more than I love you.

Give me a sign. Give me back my confidence. I don't wanna stay in this sinking point forever.

Dan tweeter pun berbunyi.

The world is hungry with humble people with absolute confidence in God. Obedience, not ego, is the source of deep confidence.

Is twitter contemporary enough for you ? Or should I try a more advanced way of talking? But I'm afraid your clan are not there yet.

You really are cool, Dog.

You too. Now go and get me yourself.

I love you.

I love you more.

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