Minggu, 20 September 2009

How do I get The Money For My Film?

Often I was asked by another young aspiring filmmakers .

This is the question that bugs me the most. First because I don’t know how. (The money for my film get me when I was sipping cheap wine by the Lake Toba.) Secondly, because money is the last thing you need to make a movie.

Robert Rodriguez was right when he said that the world is full of big talents, but they will never get anywhere because they were so negative in thinking. You only need crew, cast, and camera to make a movie. Or in Rodriguez’ case, only cast and camera. Not money.

And some might think it was easy for me to say since the money came to me just like that.

Yes! The money came to me just like that.

And no! It’s not just like that. It involved series of rejection and disappointment before I get the money just like that.

A series of painful no in interviews.

A series of unreplied emails.

A series of approaching directors on the spot.

A series of eavesdropping director’s number and rejected calls.

A series of embarrassment bearing the look on their face when I say I want to make a movie.

I even applied to be the permanent residence of Singapore without my company recommendation just to get that $ 6000 short movie grant. Failed.

And don’t even ask about festivals and competition. I tried it all. Some think I am too classic. Or my film is not art enough. while I don’t even have any idea what classic is ... or what art is.

So if you never get yourself out there shooting something and feel the embarrassment and fear after finding out that you are not that good; or you never applied to all the festivals and production houses just to find out you are not qualified; and you never sell your body to some drug testing company to fund your movie ... don’t you ever whine about money and how it it is the problem that gets in your way to finish your so-long-talk-about movie.

I think the problem is you.

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  1. Hear hear! And I might join your club in the next two months. Fingers cross!


  2. SNAP ON! rather inspiring post tied!

  3. riveting post!
    congrats for your KLA award, and may I know what's the title of your novel?
    Also, will Cin(t)a be played again in Jakarta? I just read the review of the movie from republikbabi.com, but it's out of Blitz GI already