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Curious Grandmas - The Murder Of Annet Van Houten

A throwback to the old school Agatha Christie-inspired whodunits of the 60’s and 70’s, Curious Grandmas: The Murder of Annet Van Houten is an attempt to appeal to older audiences by giving them a classic mystery story cast with older actors and celebrities, while appealing to younger audiences by serving up a red hot slice of cheesy, over-the-top kitsch in the spirit of Francois Ozon’s 8 Women.

Four fabulous grandmas, sans husbands, decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a resort. Their plan to party hearty is cut short by the mysterious death of the hotel owner, the legendary socialite, Annet Van Houten, whose corpse is found floating in the pool. Her family claims it is a suicide, but our curious grandmas adore gossip and they are convinced she was murdered. They decide to uncover the truth behind Annet’s death using every means at their disposal: pills, hairpins, stockings and even their own friendship. And they have to uncover the identity of the killer before he (or she) strikes again!

SUZANNE - a has-been international celebrity (and former Bond Girl) who wants her fame back. She is now a telemarketer for anti-aging beauty products.

LESLIE - a restaurant tycoon and closeted lesbian. She is still in love with Suzanne and plans to confess her passion on this vacation.

CONNIE - naïve, clueless and a hypochondriac, her daughter (and the other grandmas) are convinced she is ready for a nursing home.

ANNA MAE - a bereaved widow who turned to a new age religion called The Light to deal with her grief. Her mission is to convert all of her friends to her new religion.

"Mak Gondut kayanya yang paling gede sex appeal-nya deh," kata Lucky memutuskan mak gue yang akan jadi the former Bond Girl.

Gue ternganga, membayangkan emak gue topless tertutup selimut, di sebelah Rio Dewanto bertelanjang dada.

"Pokoknya mami pasti serius," kata Mak Gondut semangat. Belum tahu dia adegan apa yang menantinya. Bisa-bisa shocked.

Atau malah semangat?

Next year... oma-oma kepo will solve the mistery of the murder of Annet Van Heuten.


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