Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Walking in M*mbhis

Tuhan, hari ini gue mau ML.

But before that, let’s have a look of some Abbas Kiarostami first.

Juliestte Binoche was driving.

You are on top of me. Or should I get on top?

Juliette Binoche ordered a coffee.

Mending lampunya diidupin atau nggak ya? Aduh malu badan gue ndut. Tapi kan gue pengen liat badan lo.

Juliette Binoche put her earings on.

Apa mandi dulu ya? Males banget ngejilatin badan lo kalau keringetan.

Juliette Binoche do whatever.

What are you doing? He is not a sex object.

No more Juliette Binoche. I was opening up your button one by one cause I like your blue shirt. That looks nice on you. But I’ll rip your white T shirt.

It’s your punishment for having an irresistable torso.

Credit title.

What? Is it over?

“What did you see?” tanya seorang teman di luar bioskop.

Damn. I don’t remember.

He looked at me sharp. Gossip alert is on.

“I met this guy. He gave me his number.“

He replied with a very kinky ooohhh.

“He’s kinda cute.”

A more kinky oooohhh.

“ Should I enjoy myself or should I be a good girl?”

No more kinky oooohhh.

“I think you should just chill out.”

“Chill out?”

“Yeah, take it easy.”

5 nights in Waikiki. A room all by myself. Nobody knows me. A perfect pause from my life. What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii.

And there he is. My Hawaiian fantasy. His eyes seem hurt, but who cares about eyes when you have a torso like his?

Monyet. Harusnya gue bilang iya aja kemaren pas dia ngajakin jalan. Daripada pura-pura ada acara, padahal gue balik ke kamar sendirian. Jadinya sesi Abbas Kiarostami gue gak dihantui nafsu-nafsu gentayangan.

He said, “My x girlfriend is Malaysian.”

I heard, “I might not be able to tell the difference between Indonesian and Malaysian, but you will not hate me cause you are actually my type. ”

He asked, “Are you Christian?”

Man! I am tonight.

No. Not tonight. Let’s make it tomorrow night. Malam ini gue mau pura-pura ada acara, pulang ke kamar hotel, checking at myself naked in the mirror.

Ok. Fat here and there . But I can still hope you will find me semok instead.

Check baby check celana dalam. Shoot! Tuh kan! Ada yang bolong. Untung tadi gue gak bilang iya.

Goodbye, bolong panties. You feel good on me but I need to have another kind of good on me.

I put another undewear on. Great. No bulu-bulu liar nyembul from it. Perfecto.

BH, checked.

Ketek, checked.

Hati nurani... checked?

I stand here, naked, looking at myself in the mirror, knowing I am about to make the biggest mistake in my life.

Tuhan, can he be my biggest mistake, please?

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