Senin, 08 Februari 2010

You and I Both

" Until the dawn it brings another day to sing about the magic that was you and me..."

Jason Mraz took me back to the magic in a coffee shop in Changi Airport. It was early in the morning when everyone else was rushing to work. You and I, counting last words.

U might forget, but I remember everything you sang.

The cards were laid open on the table. They were decorated with some of my best works, my portfolio. They were intended to impress the creative director in a production house where I was going to have an interview in less than two hours. My portfolio became our tarot for the moment.

"Will you be a director?" You asked me, the tarot reader.

And the cards said no. I suddenly felt a deep jab in my heart.

"Will I ever see you again?" You asked.

I didn't want to open the card, afraid to face my verdict.

And the cards said no. Another jab. Ouch! This even hurt more.

But I didn't see any pain in your face. It hurt me even more at first.

With total confidence, you said " We will meet again, when you are a director."

Then you told me to go. Otherwise I might be late for the interview. I might lose my chance to be the director. Lose the chance to feel the magic of more you and me.

You took your flight to your dream land.

"See I'm all about them words Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive You and I"

Two years passed without you. Two years full of tears and laughs. I didn't get the interview. But I tried my best and made myself something I could call a director. I guessed if I became a director , I would get to taste more of the magic.

The magic returned. Twice. Nice!

"Not so little you and I anymore And with this silence brings a moral story More importantly evolving is the glory of a boy ." (or in my case, a girl. But this little boy inside me also evelved , i guess)

Years passed. Jason Mraz's beautiful words still ring the bell in me, remind me how You and I are not You and I anymore.

And it's okay if you have go away Oh just remember the telephone works both ways And if I never ever hear them ring ... If nothing else I'll think the bells inside Have finally found you someone else

and that's okay Cause I'll remember everything you sang

You might forget, But I remember everything you sang.

Cause you and I both loved what you and I spoke of ....
and others just read of ....
and if you could see now well I'm finally free.

I am free. Cause you and I both loved what you and I spoke of.
I guess we do not need more i love you' s and thank you's

"I'm finally out of, finally, deedeeededede well I'm almost finally, finally, finally out of words."

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