Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

A Purpose Driven Life

Dear God,

Once upon a time, I read this book. It started with :

"Your life is not about you!"

It shocked me deeply. How come my life is not about me? I even made that stupid song " My life is not about me" and sang it in a church and embarrassed myself because the mic was broken. Still, I sang with all my heart.

And now, 3 years later... after all the grace You showed me, all the miracle and "goyang dulu" moments, I get to know You more and I get to like You even more. You really are a cool God, not cranky and moody and easy to put fire on me like some people said before.

But now I am back here again to a place where "my life is all about me".... damn. This world You created is really awesome, God. With all the sweet talkings and praise and all the pretty faces.... bla bla bla... And I thought I was everything, and I could do anything, and You will always be there to support me, and I will be everything I wanted to be, and suddenly... I write boring scripts.

So is there anyway that I can get back to you?

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